Shoper 9

The Shoper 9

A Complete Retail Enterprise Solution

Shoper 9 - We come in all sizes

Technology has visibly evolved in the last few decades. With increasing competition and sky rocketing operational costs, delivering a great experience to the customers becomes imperative for every retailer. Surmounting these challenges is where Shoper 9 comes into play.

Shoper 9 PoS along with Shoper 9 HO and Shoper 9 distributor, is up to task to meet the unique challenges of every retail business. Shoper 9 addresses all point of sale requirements such as billing, discounts and schemes, price management, MIS reporting and also common issues such as data exchange between head office, warehouses and stores.

Unequalled Retail Experience

The requirements of a retail business vary. Shoper 9 supports an out-of-the box capability for you to configure and run it as per your business requirements. Configure Shoper 9 to effectively reduce errors and increases customer satisfaction.

Retail businesses of all sizes, dealing with different products are benefited by Shoper 9’s ease of deployment, flexible architecture, and intuitive interface.

Alerts Management

Alignment with GS1 Standard

Till Management

Inventory Management

Catalogue Management

Print Engine

Multiple Prices

Predictive Bill Value

Tally.ERP 9 Interface

Security Management

SIS (Shoper Integration Server)

Live Update

Management Reports

Flow of Goods and Information

Comprehensive Data Synchronisation


Shoper 9 Components

Shoper 9 HO

HO supports centralised management of indents from the store, generation of consolidated Purchase Orders and integration with warehouses. 

Shoper 9 POS/Distributor

Shoper 9 POS is a powerful Point of Sale (POS) software to manage all your retail operations in a store or distributor location. 

Shoper 9 – Product Editions

Choose from three product editions - Silver, Gold, and Diamond - based on your business type and requirement.