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Whether you have just started off or you are an established firm, Tally editions and plans will suit your needs. 

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We are the accounting software dealer specializes in selling accounting software to businesses, organizations, and individuals. We deal with a range of accounting software vendors to provide solutions that meet the specific needs to the customers. We offer a range of software options, from basic accounting software to more advanced solutions that include features such as inventory management, payroll processing, and financial analysis. We also offer training and support services to help our customers get the most out of their software.

In addition to selling accounting software, we also provide consulting services to help businesses choose the right software for their needs. We analyze company's financial processes and recommend the software that will best meet their requirements. Our role is helping businesses and organizations automate and streamline their financial processes, and can be valuable partners in achieving long-term financial success.

In addition to sale of tally We Provide educational training that specializes in offering courses and training programs related to accounting and finance. The primary objective of our institute is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the accounting profession. Our training institute offers a range of courses, from basic accounting principles to advanced financial analysis and management. These courses are designed to cater to the needs of different students, from those who are just starting in the field to those who want to enhance their existing knowledge. Apart from providing theoretical and practical training, on line and on site we offer professional certification courses. These certifications can help individuals boost their credentials and advance their careers in the accounting field.






 We are the Tally Accounting Software Dealer in Surat providing wide range of financial accounting software & taxation services in Surat to suit diverse customer needs. National Comp-Tech Solution is an Tally Certified Partner, Tally Software Sales, Services, Solution, Customization and Tally Education partner of Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd & Tally Education Pvt Ltd since Jan 2009, Mr Horilal Yadav & Divya Kapooria is Partner  of the National Comp-Tech Solution who is having vast experience in the filed since last 15 years.  

            In today's challenging business environment, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their requirements for accounting software & taxation services to expert vendors. An outsourcing partner like National Comp-Tech Solution can deliver superior results while minimizing costs at the same time. Adopting this strategy can also help you focus on strengthening strategic areas. National Comp-Tech Solution offers a wide range of Tally Accounting Software & Tally Education, Taxation's services to suit diverse customer needs. Choose us as your bookkeeping partner and get access to the various benefits that we offer.     

Our Working Area 

         Tally Financial Accounting Software Sales : Every growing business definitely has an aspiration to reach newer heights, but it means connecting with an extended enterprise which is beyond the realms of existing business systems. It is inevitable to have the right software's and solutions to help you connect with your extended enterprise. Therefore, how many solutions can you invest in? Will the solutions really address your business needs the way you want them to? We understand the power you will have when you can build solutions to suit to your unique business needs, exactly the way you want. Every feature of Tally.ERP9 can be customized, extended and integrated to great lengths to help you achieve higher efficiency by precisely addressing your needs. 

             We have a more than 3000 valuable Customer who are using tally Accounting Software. All the Upgraded Products are sold by us to these customers, We are providing a customization range of accounting services designed to meet the specific needs of Customer business. At all levels of service, each client is provided with a dedicated accounting team. Basic Accounting Taxation Management Services are designed to ensure that our Client's company maintains timely, accurate financial records and reports. 

Tally Services & Suport: 

Technical Support: 

National Comp-Tech Solution is dedicated to offering you quality, in-house support. Below is a summary of the support services bundled in our Technical Support program.

Assigned Customer Resource Manager:

As a National Comp-Tech Solution Preferred Customer, you will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who is trained to help you for your Tally Related Query. Your Relationship Manager will always be ready to listen and understand you, so that every solution that is recommended to you, is the right one for you.

Multi-Tiered Support:

National Comp-Tech Solution has experienced and friendly professionals ready to assist you with any issue that may arise. Your assigned representative will assess reported issues and, when necessary, ensure they are escalated to the appropriate department for resolution.

Onsite and Remote Support:

Thousands of customers and tens of years of supporting Tally has made National Comp-Tech Solution a highly competent service partner. National Comp-Tech Solution with the help of Tally Solutions goes to great lengths to keep the knowledge base of our Service Engineers constantly updated to improve support efficiency. As a result, you can expect quality support either on-site or remotely (using remote communication software products).

Updates & Upgrades:

Your participation in our Support program ensures that you will receive all product updates and upgrades. Minor updates are made to the product when necessary between major upgrades. Product updates are installed quickly and easily by a member of our Technical Services department.

Customer Support:

Customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product.